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Nobi Hair - Excellence in Hair Transplant

We are an institution dedicated to the art and science of hair transplantation. Located in the heart of Tirana, we combine the most advanced techniques with an excellent team of Turkish specialists to offer personalized treatments and extraordinary results.

Nobi Hair was founded by a group of experts with a shared passion for helping people feel and look their best. With over 20 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation, our Turkish and Albanian team brings deep knowledge and commitment to each patient. We believe that every procedure should be as natural and painless as possible, ensuring that every patient feels confident and satisfied with the results.

  • Turkish doctors
  • Multimethod transplants
  • High professionalism






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Hair transplant with the DHI method

An innovative method that uses a special pen to position hair follicles precisely and naturally. This method ensures even distribution and a denser appearance, minimizing surgery and reducing recovery time.


Hair transplant with the Sapphire FUE method

This method uses tools made of sapphire to create small holes into which hair follicles are inserted. It is known for rapid healing, pain minimization and natural results.


Hair Transplant for Women

Special procedures that take into account the unique characteristics of hair loss in women, offering soft and natural solutions.


Beard and Eyebrow Transplant

An artistic approach to restore eyebrows and beards, giving a desired full and healthy look.

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