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Beard transplant

Beard Transplant Process

  • Initial consultancy

    At the beginning we evaluate the client's needs and expectations, examining the structure of the beard and the areas that need filling or expansion.

  • Procedure Planning

    We determine the most suitable technique for the transplant, whether DHI, Sapphire FUE or another method, to achieve the most natural result possible.

  • Implementation of the Procedure

    We use advanced techniques to position hair follicles in the most appropriate way, ensuring healthy growth and a natural look.

  • Post-Operative Care

    Detailed post-op care instructions and tips for keeping your beard in tip-top condition.

Beard transplant

Advantages of Beard Transplant

  • Increased Self-Confidence
    A full, healthy beard can positively influence your self-image and confidence.
  • Natural Results
    The techniques used ensure that the beard appears as natural and regular as possible.
  • Appearance Improvement
    The transplanted beard adds dimension and character to the facial appearance.

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